Battery Guide

1. Never overcharge your battery
Always monitor your helicopter and only charge the battery for the recommended time. Overcharging will damage the cells.

2. Never leave recharging helicopter unattended.
Always keep your recharging helicopter in view and never leave your house unattanded with the battery charging. Overcharging a battery, in particular, a damaged battery can cause electrical faults and catch fire. Never leave your charging helicopter unattended.

3. Never over-discharge your battery
Lithium Polymer batteries can become damaged if they are overdischarged. When your helicopter runs out of battery and can not lift, do not continue to try and fly it and spin the rotors whilst it is on the ground. Over-discharging can cause permanent damage.

4. Cool the battery before recharging.  
Allow your battery to cool for 15mins after flying, before you begin to recharge. Never recharge your helicopter immediately after flying, it will damage the cells.

5. Recharge before storage.
If you plan on storing your helicopter and not flying it for more than 2 days, make sure you recharge the battery before storage. Naturally, the battery will slowly discharge by itself, so a battery with little charge will actually overdischarge and cause damage.

6. Keep helicopter and battery in a cool dry place.
Batteries become damaged when exposed to heat, keep them out of hot environments. Be sure to store them in a cool dry place.

7. Recharge when convenient
Unlike other batteries, lithium batteries do not suffer from memory problems. They can be recharged from any state, but please be sure to not overcharge them.

8. Damaged Batteries
If your pack is damaged/broken, soak it in salt water for a while, then contact your hazardous waste disposal company for advice on throwing it out

9.Avoid Shorting When Charging
Connect your charging cable to the power supply first(PC or wall), then your cable to the helicopter to prevent shorting your battery pack

10. Batteries Must Not Get Warm
Batteries should not get warm during a charge. If your battery becomes warm, you are most likely damaging the battery. Stop using or charging batteries immediately if they are warm.

11. Be Careful After Crashes
If you crash your helicopter, you may damage the battery. After the crash, allow the battery to cool for at least 15 mins as the battery may be dangerous. Damaged batteries can catch fire in some cases, so after a crash, please store in a safe place away from your house.