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Syma iPilot Helicopter

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Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price: $49.95

Quick Overview

   Ideal Christmas Gift
   Nearly Impossible To Break
   Highly Stable, Easy To Fly

Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price: $49.95


App Name - GB-Emitter

Syma has combined the most popular mini helicopter ever produced and integrated it with the most popular gadget of all time - the Apple iphone! Are you saying I can fly a helicopter from my iphone?? Yes we are!!

No need for an old school remote control, simply download the FREE i-copter app from your itunes store, plug the infrared transmitter into your iphone/ipad/ipod touch and you have turned your apple device into a touch screen helicopter remote.

Does It Really Work? Yes, we were surprised at how well it works! We found the helicopter to be highly responsive and easy to use. There is also a cool setting called tilt control. When turned on, everytime you tilt the iphone, the helicopter will fly in that direction.

This also works 100% on Android device.


21.5cm x 9.5cm x 5.3cm


Syma S107g iPilot Helicopter
Transmitter Plug
3.7V 180mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
USB Charging Cable
Spare Tail Blade
User Manual

Flight Time?

10mins Per Battery Charge

Will It Break If I Crash?

Syma helicopters are really tough and rarely break. Whilst it is possible to break, it takes one hell of a beating.

Shipping Cost?

Only $11.95 To Anywhere in Australia

Indoor or Outdoor Flight?

We recommend indoors. On a still day, you can fly outdoors. The controller is infrared, so direct sunlight outdoors can disrupt the connection between controller and remote

How Does The Transmitter Plug Work?

It's an infrared device with a plug, you simply plug it into the head jack of your ipod touch/iphone/ipad. An infrared signal is sent to the helicopter. Works incredibly well.

Will It Work On My Ipod?

It works on all apple devices - iphone, ipad, ipod touch.

Difference Between This Helicopter and the Syma S107g Blitz?

Only the Controller is different. This heli uses the iphone as a remote and the Syma S107g Blitz has a standard controller with 2 knobs. The helicopters are the same in speed, size and power.